Local Box

Local Box is a very convenient manual device for local control of CO2 flow in experiment. It includes set of manual valves for control, refilling and venting of CO2 in experiment.


Remote Access

MARTA can be controlled remotely within local web by any PC with internet browser installed. Touch panel screen is then accessible like a web page and it’s possible to control MARTA just like when standing next to it.


MODBUS connection is an optional feature that enables receiving and sending signals from and to MARTA unit. Transfer details are to be discussed when ordering. Possible received signals: temperature setpoint, pump rotation, start/stop, possible sent signals: working status, all measured and calculated values

Desktop software

Windows application can be delivered with MARTA to process all data logged while operating unit. Using this tool gives you opportunity to draw time-based charts and relationship graph between any two parameters, add ranges, place several trends on one chart and print it.

Signal by wire (Analog and Digital IO)

MARTA can be delivered with industrial connector that enables to set hardware connection with unit. Choosing this option lets you send discrete signal start/stop and receive discrete signals of working status and safety pushbutton state. Additionally there are two analogue (4-20mA) inputs and two analogue outputs (4-20mA) to use. Details to be determined when ordering.

Other Power Supply standards

It is possible to prepare MARTA for non-European voltage standards such as the United States of America, Japan, Australia, and other on request.

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